Monday, December 7, 2009

Saints Vs Redskins 1st Quarter

Well here we are people. It's week 13 and we enter the nation’s capital looking to extend our perfect record to 12 and 0. Let's hope we can jump out to an early lead to keep politician central quiet. I fancy a hog roast for dinner and would like one on the field of play please Mr Payton, Brees, Vilma and Co.

Lance Moore, Scott Fujita, Jabari Greer, Tracy Porter, Randall Gay, John Carney are all confirmed as out of today's game by the way.

And the Redskins kick off to pineapple hair who returns it out to the 33.  Nice return their by Courtney Roby.

Courtney Roby
Courtney Roby Return Ace

1st down Saints.
Screen to Pierre Thomas who takes it 12 yards down the left sideline before being tackled.

1st down Saints 47.
Toss to Pierre Thomas out left and he's tied up quickly for a loss of 3. That play never got going.
Brees pump fakes twice, rolls out the pocket under pressure and then almost gets picked. Damn that was close. Brees is lucky not to have been picked there. 3rd and 13.
Brees to Pierre Thomas again on a screen to the left and he picks up 7 but not enough for a 1st. So in comes Iron Leg himself Thomas Morstead who drops it inside the 5 to give the Saints D a nice field position to defend.

1st down Redskins.
Jason Campbell drops back and unloads to Davis who carries two Saint DB's (Jenkins and someone who I couldn't see) for a couple. 2nd and 1.
Draw play picks up the first. Facemask penalty on Will Smith adds 15 more.

1st down Redskins at the 34.
Campbell drops back and launches down the left which would have been caught except for Malcolm Jenkins blatantly mugging the Redskins receiver.

1st down Redsking at Saints 34.
Scott Shanle makes a great tackle on the ensuing run. 2nd and 9.
Another short run brings up a quick 3rd and 7.
Campbell to Thomas over the middle and he gets jacked up by Darren Sharper. What a hit.

1st down Redskins at the 21.
Cartwright cuts back and goes untouched to the 5 before Sharper brings him down.

1st down Redskins.
Redskins run again but Remi Ayodele raps the runner up for a loss of 2.
Campbell throws like the Campbell I was expecting and misses a wide open man. 3rd and goal.
Campbell to Fred Davis over the middle and... Touchdown. Hmm, not the greatest run of defensive plays I've seen by the Saints on that drive.

Saints 0 Redskins 7

Saints legend Jo-Lonn Dunbar is pictured being worked by the physio on the sidelines... Not a good omen given how banged up we are in that department.

1st down Saints at their own 30.
Drew Brees to David Thomas out left for a pick up of 6. 2nd and 4.
End around to Devery Henderson who tries to turn the corner and manages 3 before going out of bounds. 3rd and 1. Come on Saints.
Mike Bell is upended before he can go anywhere. Damn. Bam Bam Bell didn't even get a chance to get set there. Iron Leg is back in to punt away.

Mike Bell RB
Battering Ram Bell Denied

1st down Redskins at the 30.
Campbell to Fred Davis to the 43.

1st down Redskins.
Ganther looks like he's about to be dropped for no gain and then breaks a Roman Harper tackle for 10.

1st down Redskins at the Saints 44.
Campbell under pressure from Troy Evans throws it incomplete deep. 2nd and 10.
Campbell under pressure again but unloads to a wide open 82 who takes it for 10.

1st down Redskins at the Saints 34.
Campbell to Fred Davis who breaks 2 tackles on the way to a pick up of 15. The Saints are not able to tackle today.

1st down Redskins at the 19.
Campbell to someone or other for 6. 2nd and 4.
Campbell throws it away after good Saints coverage for the first time today. 3rd and 4.
Campbell throws too high for Fred Davis this time after he was pressured. That was better. 4th and 4 so the Redskins kick a field goal to make this more uncomfortable than was wished for... It's still early though, keep the faith.

Saints 0 Redskins 10

Courtney Roby with his third good return of the year and takes it out to the Saints 34.

Brees to Robert Meachem on the left sideline and he breaks a tackle to pick up 11.

1st down Saints.
Draw play to Mike Bell who gets rapped up for a loss of 1. 2nd and 11.
Brees to Pierre Thomas on the screen and the Saints ace makes some cuts to pick up the 1st.

1st down Saints at the Redskins 42.
Pierre Thomas tries to break it outside as the inside holes were closed. Pick up of 1. 2nd and 9.
Brees to Reggie Bush in the flat and he picks up a couple before getting up ended which neatly ends a bum 1st Quarter for the Saints.

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