Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saints Vs. Patriots 3rd Quarter

Welcome back to the second half with the Legendary Saints in the making ruling the roost against the nation’s darlings, the New England Patriots.  Finally a national audience is seeing just how unbelievable Drew Brees is with an almost perfect game to date.  Contrast that to Tom Brady who has over thrown receivers on a number of occasions and maybe, just maybe, the World will wake up to the fact that Drew Brees is the best quarterback in the league, the end, good night... although we still have a half to play so I hope my words don't come back to haunt me.

The Patriots will start at their own 20.
Brady to Maroney who takes it 5 and... Scott Fujita strips the ball and Sedrick Ellis recovers... but then he fumbles and the Patriots have it back.  Ah man.  That could have been such a great start.  Sean Payton is going to challenge the Sedrick Ellis fumble... and we loose the challenge.

Saints Scott Fujita fumble
Scott Fujita Forced Fumble

1st down Pats at their own 19.
Brady completes to Watson for 11.

1st down Pats at the 30.
Brady throws incomplete but a flag comes out... but fouls cancel each other out so they'll repeat 1st down.
Brady to Moss who fumbles but then recovers at the 40.

1st down Pats.
Morris up the middle and Scott Fujita tackles hard for a stop of 1.
Flags come out against the Pats for illegal formation so it's 3rd and 9.
Brady to Aitken on the sidelines and... Connects.  Damn.

1st down Pats at the Saints 47.
Maroney runs into a Jonthan Vilma wall and stuffs him for a loss of 2.  Great tackle by the Saints D captain.  2nd and 12.
The crowd noise is awesome.
Brady looks deep, looks deep and connects with Randy Moss all the way to the 2.

Saints Fans Super Dome
Saints Fans Raising the Roof

1st down and goal Pats.
Maroney takes the ball and runs in untouched for a touchdown.  Wow that fumble by Sedrick Ellis really cost us.

Patriots 17 Saints 24

1st down Saints at their own 25.  I said the winner of the turnover battle would win this so please no fumbles or picks.
Drew Brees to Marques Colston on the sidelines and... Makes a move and takes it all the way down to the Pats 6.

1st down and goal Saints
Mike Bell up the middle for 3.  2nd and goal.
Brees drops back and... Saints legend Darnell Dinkins falls over as he grabs the TOUCHDOWN!!  The 19th Saint to score a touchdown this season!!  3 plays 75 yards in about 1 second, no problem.

Saints Darnell Dinkins
Air Dinkins - Saints Darnell Dinkins Slam Dunks

Patriots 17 Saints 31

1st down Pats at their own 18 after Hamilton nails the Pats kick returner for the highlights reel.
Wes Welker reverse and takes it 10 yards before Jonathan Vilma decides to say hello out of bounds and draws the personal foul pen for 15 on top.

1sr down Pats at their 44.
Morris through the middle for 6.  2nd and 4.
Faulk cuts back and takes it all the way to the Saints 36. 

1st down Pats.
Brady to Watson for a couple before he's wrapped up by Roman Harper.  2nd and 8.
Brady to Aitkens but... Mike McKenzie breaks it up.  Great read and play on the ball.  He's doing a terrific job tonight.  3rd and 8.  Come on D!!
Brady to Aitken and he breaks the McKenzie tackle and takes it to the Saints 16.

1st down Pats.
Morris for 3. 2nd and 7.
Brady throws it away after pressure from the Saints front.  The crowd want intentional grounding but don't get it.  It's soooo loud.  3rd and 7.
Brady to Welker after pressure and only pick up 3 to bring up 4th and 4.  The Pats will go for it.  This is a decisive moment in the game.
Brady to Moss and... Mike McKenzie breaks it up.  What a great game he is having.  Huge, huge play.

1st down Saints at their own 10.
Mike Bell up the middle for 6.  2nd and 4.
Pierre Thomas to the right for 3.  3rd and 1.
Mike Bell up the middle for 4 and moves the change.

1st down Saints at the 24.
Brees play action to Robert Meachem who makes a heck of a move and gets extra yards to pick up another 1st.

1st down Saints at the 37.
Brees drops back and is sacked for the first time tonight.  2nd and 14.
Pierre Thomas on a draw play that goes nowhere.  3rd and 12. 

And that's it for the 3rd.  The Saints still lead 31 to 17.

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