Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saints Vs Falcons 3rd Quarter

Welcome to the 2nd half of this division battle with the Saints leading the sucky McSucksucks 16 to 9.

The Saints start with the ball at their own 20.
Pierre Thomas takes a hand off and picks up a nice opening 4. 2nd and 6.
Brees completes his 20th pass off the day to Marques Colston for 5 (that's from 22 attempts btw... how do you like that for accuracy?). 3rd and 1.
Hand off to Reggie Bush who looks like he is going to be stopped but breaks out and takes it all the way down the sidelines to the Saints 48. Nice play by Mr Kardashian.

1st down Saints.
Hamilton takes the ball and stuffs up a neat 9 yards. 2nd and 1.
Hamilton does a nice impression of Battering Ram Bell and picks up 2.

1st down Saints.
Hamilton picks up a yard right to the Falcons 39. 2nd and 9.
Reggie Bush up the middle picks up 8 and takes a hard hit. 3rd and inches.
Hamilton goes wide and picks up a nice 5 yards but there's a flag on the field... and guess who it's against? I'll just say holding so you know it's now 3rd and 11.
The Falcons bring everyone so Brees throws down the sidelines to Robert Meachem and... it's picked... But a lovely little yellow flag flutters to the ground and the word is 'Pass interference'. Mike Smith throws a hissy fit which makes me laugh.

1st and 10 Saints at the Falcons 12.
Brees to Henderson in the end zone and Devery drops it after a heavy hit. 2nd and 10.
Reggie Bush takes the carry and fumbles but he recovers... luckily for him if he wants more game time today. 3rd and 19.
Brees on a screen to Reggie Bush and... TOUCHDOWN!! So Sean Payton gives Reggie a chance to work off his misdemeanour and Bush duly obliges by taking it to the house.

Saints 23 Falcons 9

1st down Falcons at their 20.
Norwood carries the ball for 5. 2nd and 5.
Redman to Tony Gonzalez at the marker and completes.

1st down Falcons.
Redman completes to Jenkins at the Saints 45. The Saints brought pressure but not enough.

1st down Falcons.
Norwood goes right and then cuts back across the whole team and picks up a big big gain... and then a lovely yellow flag comes out to give Mr Smith a red angry complexion. 1st and 20.
Redman to Gonzalez who is wrapped up by Scott Shanley after a gain of 5. 2nd and 15.
Redman drops back and finds Jenkins up the middle... for a touchdown. Randall Gay came on a blitz again and got no where. 50 yard touchdown catch and run.

Saints 23 Falcons 16

1st down Saints at the 20.
Brees to Saints legend David Thomas on the sidelines for 5. 2nd and 5.
Brees to Robert Meachem over the middle for 10.

1st down Saints.
Reggie Bush on a hand off looks like he is going to loose some yards then throws a Reggie move and slips the noose for 7 top yards. Great move by the Bushster. 2nd and 3.
Pierre Thomas up the middle for 2. 3rd and 1.
Brees has an hour in the pocket but can't find anyone open so he throws only his 4th incompletion all day and the Saints will have to punt.
In comes a confused looking Thomas Morstead who wonders what he's meant to do here as he never has to punt.

1st down Falcons at their 20.
Norwood takes a toss to pick up 5. 2nd and 5.
Play action Redman to Roddy White who picks up 14. So the 2nd stringer continues to hurt us and make this increasingly uncomfortable.

1st down Falcons.
Norwood inside before Sedrick Ellis sits on him. 2nd and 5.
Redman shuffle pass to Snelling goes incomplete. Vilma hit Snelling as the ball got there. Nice work captain. 3rd and 5.
Redman threads a needle under pressure and completes down the sidelines to the Saints 36. Good coverage by Randall Gay but that was a great pass.

1st down Falcons.
Snelling takes a toss and runs into Jonathan Vilma. 2nd and 9.
Redman to Booked for 8 to end the 3rd Quarter.

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