Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tampa Bay Bucs Vs Saints 1st Quarter

Welcome to a Christmas flavored Super Dome where the visiting Bucs are looking to record an upset against a recently wounded and vunerable New Orleans Saints.  I'll give you two reasons why that's not going to happen.  Firstly the saints are out for revenge after last weeks perfect season ending loss to the Cowboys and secondly because it's the only thing I asked Santa for this year.  Convincing proof if ever it was needed.

Once the Drew Brees chant is done with and the Saints players are suitably inspired it's down to the field for what could well be a mauling.  Here's hoping.

The Saints kick it off and after a decent return the Bucs will start out at their own 34.

1st down Bucs.
Cadillac Williams inside for 4 against the Saints 22nd ranked Defence (jeez).  2nd and 6.
Williams up the middle picks up 5 before the big man Sedrick Ellis makes the stop.  3rd and 1.
The crowd in the Dome make such a noise that the Bucs are forced to take a timeout.  Well done Who Dat Nation.
Toss to Cadillac Williams out left and he easily picks up the 1st.

1st down Bucs at the 48.
Freeman passes to Bryant on the sidelines and moves the chains again.

1st down Bucs at the Saints 42.
Williams runs right and straight into a Will Smith shaped mountain.  No gain.  2nd and 10.
Freeman to Bryant but he drops it.  3rd and 10, the Dome is loud!
Freeman completes to Winslow who is stopped just shy of the marker by Jonathan Vilma.  It's not going to count as there's a flag against Bucs forces them to replay 3rd down.  3rd and 15.
Freeman pressured out the pocket and it's almost picked by Darren 'I've already got 8 for the season' Sharper.  4th and 15.
Bucs punt it away and Reggie Bush returns it for about 10.

1st down Saints at their 25.
End around to Robert Meachem who picks up 7.  2nd and 3.
Pierre Thomas takes the hand off inside and weaves his way for 5.

1st down Saints.
Brees to Marques Colston on a slant then spins to the sidelines to pick up the 1st and pass the 1,000 yard mark for the season.

1st down Saints.
Mike Bell now on a hand off and gains 8 on a good hole.  2nd and 2.
Mike Bell again and he spinds his way out of a tackle on his way to the 1st.

1st down Saints at the Bucs 39.
Brees over the middle to Bush who puts the after burners on to get to the edge for another 1st.

1st down Saints at the 23.
Brees to Bush on the sidelines who avoids the tackle after a gain of 1 and then picks up 5 more.  2nd and 4.
Pierre Thomas takes the hand off and barrels his way inside the 10.

1st down and goal Saints at 8.
Pierre Thomas takes the hand off finds the hole between Bushrod and Evans and... Walks it in for a TOUCHDOWN!!  That is more like it.  That is the start we have been missing for some 5 weeks now, namely an opening drive touchdown.  Great work.  That was all about getting back to business, 9 plays, 75 yards and no 3rd downs.

Bucs 0 Saints 7

1st down Bucs at their own 25.

Freeman to Graham who runs straight into Roman Harper and Scott Fujita and bounces out of the tackles for a couple more.

1st down Bucs
Williams up the middle for 5.  2nd and 5.
Williams again out wide and finds a big hole before he's dragged down by Sedrick Ellis.

1st down Bucs.
Freeman drops back and... hits Darren Sharper who returns it to the 48.  With that pick Sharper moves into 6th place in the all time NFL interceptions list.  In the process he also sets a new NFL record for return yards in a single season with 700 and something.. Sorry didn't pick up the number.

1st down Saints
Thomas up the middle picks up 6.  2nd and 4.
Mike Bell over left tackle for 3 more.  3rd and 1.
Lynell Hamilton with the call he just manages to pick up the 1st.

1st down Saints.
Brees out wide to Saints legend David Thomas for a gain of 2.  2nd and 8.
Play action to Kyle Eckel who makes a great burst and dive on the edge for a 1st.

1st down at the Bucs 30.
Drew Brees drops back and looks deep and unloads to... Robert Meachem for a TOUCHDOWN!!  Wide open and executed perfectly.  This is more like it.  Big early lead, making plays on both sides of the ball... I wish we could play the Bucs every game! 

Bucs 0 Saints 14

1st down Bucs at their 22.
A Buc (probably Williams) runs for 3.  2nd and 7.
Derrick Ward puts his head down and runs into Scott Fujita for a gain of 1.  3rd and 4.
Freeman completes to number 85 Maurice Stovall who breaks a Mike McKenzie attempted tackle and spins it down to midfield to end the 1st Quarter.

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