Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saints Vs Falcons 2nd Quarter

Welcome the 2nd Quarter of the Saints Falcons game with the Falcons leading by 3.  The Saints have the ball at their own 21.

2nd and 10 Saints
False start against Jermon Bushrod.  2nd and 15.
Brees steps up to avoid the rush and hits Shockey for a few.  3rd and 8.  Oh dear Stinchcomb is on the rug not looking likely to get up.  Not another injury!!
Brees has lots of time and finds Jeremy Shockey down at the 41.  Nice conversion.

1st down Saints.
Pierre Thomas tries to turn the corner but only gets a yard after good run pursuit.  Penalty against Jeremy Shockey for a hold will bring this back.  1st and 20.
Brees to Pierre Thomas out the backfield and number 23 picks his way to the 37.  2nd and 14.
Brees again to Pierre Thomas who breaks a tackle and picks up 9.  3rd and 4.
Brees down the middle to Robert Meachem for 43 yards.  Beautiful throw and catch.

1st down Saints at the Falcons 11.
Pierre Thomas turns the corner and picks up 2.  2nd and 8.
Brees to Reggie Bush on the screen picks up 3.  Flag on the play... and it's not a penalty, the ref just wanted to get on TV.  3rd and 5.
Brees has all kinds of time and looks right to Reggie Bush and... TOUCHDOWN!!  Bush makes it look easy.

Saints 10 Falcons 6

1st down Falcons at the 20.
Snelling takes the hand off and battles his way for 6.  Who is this fucking guy?  Where did he come from?  2nd and 4.
Snelling spins and breaks tackles for a gain of 5 and a first down.  Can any old mo fo run on us or what?

1st down Falcons.
Chris Redman stands in the pocket for about 5 minutes and unloads deep to Michael Jenkins who is wide open at the Saints 20 and... He lets it go through his finger tips.  I owe Jenkins a paper bag full of money.  2nd and 10.
Norwood up the middle for 2.  3rd and 8.
The Saints pass rush no one but still Redman throws it to the water boy on the sidelines so the Falcons will punt... And Reggie Bush turns the corner and takes it 24 yards to the Saints 34.

1st down Saints.
Drew Brees unloads to Marques Colston for 8.  2nd and 2.
Pierre Thomas runs into a wall and picks up half a yard.  3rd and 2.
End around to Robert Meachem who gets it out to the 46 for a Saints 1st.

1st down Saints.
Brees throws to Bush in the flat for a gain of 4.  2nd and 6.
Bees to Meachem in the flat who picks up 4.  A flag is out though for holding against Devery Henderson so this is coming back.  2nd and 17.
Brees is flushed out the pocket and he manages to unload to Shockey before anyone gets there.  3rd and 5.  Great move by Brees to beat the pressure.
Brees goes to Meachem but it falls incomplete as the Falcon mugged Meachem drawing a penalty. 

1st down Saints.
Brees rolls right and finds Devery Henderson at the Falcons 28.

1st down Saints.
Pierre Thomas over left tackle picks up a nice 6.  2nd and 4.
Brees one step drop throws to Meachem on the sidelines and moves the chains.

1st down Saints at the big birds 19 to bring up the 2 minute warning.
Brees to Pierre Thomas over the middle picks up 12.

1st and goal.
Pierre Thomas up the middle to the Falcons 3.  2nd and goal.
Brees play action and throws incomplete to Marques Colston.  3rd and goal.
Brees to Colston at the post and... TOUCHDOWN!!  He came underneath uncovered and takes an easy 6.
The extra point is missed by Hartley though!  Someone may not be with us in a couple of weeks.

Saints 16 Falcons 6

1st down Falcons at their 20.  Jeremy Shockey trots off the field to get a toe looked at apparently.  Hope that's not serious.
Redman for 27 yards to White but there's a flag out there.  But it's against Malcolm Jenkins so it's declined.

1st down Falcons at their 47, 43 ticks on the clock.
Redman to Gonzalez for 6.  2nd and 4.
Redman incomplete to Booker.  3rd and 4.
Redman to Jenkins on a slant for a 1st.  The Saints came with pressure and almost got Redman.

1st down Falcons at the Saints 37, 28 ticks left.
Redman to Booker for 6 and he gets out of bounds.  23 ticks, 2nd and 4.
Redman to Weems for 3.  Penalty on the play...  And it goes against Charles Grant for a personal foul.  Ouch.  Half the distance to the goal line and a lecture for Grant from Payton.

1st down at the Saints 15.
Randall Gay does a nice job of breaking up the pass.  2nd and 10.  15 secs left.
Redman to no name 86 for a few.  3rd and 4.  8 ticks.
Redman airs it out to the end zone and hits someone in the stands.
So the Falcons will settle for a 27 yard field goal attempt and... Make it.

Saints 16 Falcons 9 to end the 1st half.

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