Friday, November 13, 2009

Drew Brees Who Are We Chant

We Are New Orleans!  The Drew Brees chant to success.

Drew Brees certainly has a way with words.  The 'Who Are We' chant is now infamous around the NFL for its intensity and passion.  It is the rallying call around which the team flocks pre-game and is now synonymous with the Saints winning formula.

So what makes it so special and just what exactly is Drew Brees chanting?

Drew Brees Who Are We chant

Reading through a number of Saints forums it is clear there is a lot of conjecture firstly about what he is actually saying and, equally, the importance of the chant in setting the tone for the teams display.

What is being said in the Drew Brees Who Are We chant?

On the Yahoo answers board one post positively claims it is:

One two win, for you,
Three, four, win, some more,
Five, six, win again,
7, 8, win again,
9, 10, win again, win again, win again...

Over at the Drew Brees chant words are said to be:

Brees: 1 Players: 2
Brees: Win, Players: For You
Brees: 3 Players: 4
Brees: Win, Players: Some More
Brees: 5 Players: 6
Brees: Win, Players: Again
Brees: 7 Players: 8
Brees: Win, Players: Great
Brees: 9 Players: 10
Brees: Win, Players: Again
All: Again, Again, Again, Again!

Drew Brees New Orleans Saints chant 2009

Elsewhere there are further conflicting suggestions. Whichever is the correct answer (and you can make your mind up by watching the above video) it is clear it has the desired effect of motivating the team before kick off.  The fact that the Saints Quarterback is the man in the middle of that huddle tells you a great deal about Brees' leadership qualities and his work ethic.

Drew Brees Who Are We

New Orleans Saints Chant Drew Brees Name With Pride

Not for him the stand offish Quarterback pose adopted by the likes of Jeff George or the egotistical wittering of the deluded (Michael Vick - “The next year will be about being the face of the NFL for the next 10 years").  Instead Brees leads the team by example with his season long preparation work, film study and practise.  His pre match rallying call and his skilful command of the team on the field are the culmination of months of work and dedication at the Saints practise facilities.

The Drew Brees chant of champions

Now that may all sound like some awfully sycophantic babble and for that I apologise.  But I for one am happy to applaud any player in this age who so clearly wears his heart on his sleeve and is prepared to work year round to deliver success to the great city of New Orleans.  When peoples homes are being foreclosed, when jobs are being shed and when every day folk are struggling to make ends meet it comes as some relief to at least be able to follow a team made up of undrafted rejects and free agents and all led by a man of great quality and humility.  I salute you Drew Brees and Who We Are... New Orleans!!

Check out some of the latest videos covering the New Orleans Saints chant words at my follow up post Drew Brees Chant 2009.


  1. 1 2 win for you
    3 4 win some more
    5 6 win again
    7 8 win great
    9 10 win again
    again again again again

  2. one, two
    win, for you
    three, four
    win, some more
    five, six
    win, for kicks
    seven, eight
    win, it's great
    nine, ten
    win, again

  3. it s actually
    1, 2 win for you
    3,4 win some more
    5,6 win again
    7,8 win its great
    9,10 win, again
    win, again, win, again, win ,again win, again

    (brees says first number and win, players say the rest)

  4. Honestly people, Brees is obviously saying, as follows, 1,2 win, for you, 3,4 win, some more, 5,6 win, for kicks, 7,8 win, it's great, 9,10 win again, win again so on and so forth. Come on, I'm only eleven and I know this.

  5. One, Two
    Win, Again
    Three, Four
    Win, Some more
    Five, Six
    Win, For Kicks
    Seven, Eight
    Win, It's Great
    Nine, Ten
    Win, Again
    Win Again, Win Again, Win Again, Win Again

  6. 1,2,win for you,three four, win some more,five six,win for kicks,seven eight,win great,nine 10 win again (7x total)

  7. SEAHAWKS BABY!!!!!!!!!

  8. i love the saint! this chant is aweome

  9. this chant fires me up! and other teams chant makes me sleep. go saint go!!!!!

  10. Sorry about your loss to the San Francisco 49ers. But I heard they sent you home with some good California cheese to go with your wine!!!!! Don't talk smack!!!