Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scott Fujita Injury Update

This past week I've been concerned about Saints fan favorite Scott Fujita and his chances of playing on Monday Night Football against the Falcons.  The big man is returning from a strained left calf sustained in the week 6 win against the New York Giants.

I decided to secretly track the Saints Linebacker and see how his recovery was going.  What you are about to witness is a man so dedicated to the Saints cause it's actually frightening.

Shot 1 - Here he is studying game film ahead of the Dolphins clash.
Scott Fujita Injury

 Shot 2 - Steady progress by Scott see's him beefing up those arms whilst staying off the troubled calf.

Scott Fujita Inury Update

Shot 3 - Now he's just getting cocky!

Scott Fujita Inury News

Shot 4 - OK Scott, you're scaring me!!  Someone get Sean Payton in here!

Scott Fujita Inury Latest

He may have gone a bit over board with his 'eat a Falcon' game plan but you've got to love the intensity of this guy.

Next Week:  Mike Bell eats 1,000 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in 5 minute shocker!!

For up to date info on the latest injury news about the Saints LB please visit the Scott Fujita Injury News page.

(Warning: Photo's may have been doctored to make Fujita look slightly smaller than he actually is!).