Sunday, October 18, 2009

Man monsters - Brandon Jacobs and Jonah Lomu

As I wrote in my last blog one of the key match ups in today's game will be between the Saints front 7 and the Giants running game, in particular, Brandon Jacobs.

The man is a monster and I say that with the utmost respect.  Jacobs is an old school back from the field of hard knocks and I for one love to see him play football.  His style reminds me of old bruisers like Earl Campbell and Larry Csonka although I'm not sure even that is a fair comparison.  Instead I think it's better to look outside football to the great All Black rugby player Jonah Lomu.

Both players are freak like in combining speed, size and strength and, at their best, are close to unplayable as shown in these two highlight reels.  Once Jacobs has broken through the front 3 or 4 teams need to gang tackle him in order to halt his forward progress and the same went for Lomu who, in the open field, was just unstoppable when coming up against smaller wingers, the secondary of Rugby Union.

Above and beyond anything else though is the fact that they are both great athletes and players who, even when in competition against your team, you have to sit back and admire.  I always think it's better to be beaten by greatness than by anything else.  That said I do hope coach Payton has been working over time this week on stunts to ensure the Saints front 7 halt the big guy as early as possible.

Either way, sit back and enjoy these highlight videos ahead of game time.

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