Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saints Dolphins 2nd Quarter Horror Show

Dolphins FG

Saints get the ball and Brees... intercepted near Saints 20. 

New Orleans Saints Horror Show

Dolphins rushing TD.  Only Vilma, Sharper and Grant have turned up too date.

Saints take over.  Pierre Thomas good 9 yards, Thomas again for 1st down, that's more like it.  Brees to Colston finally for 23 yard pass and run.  Consecutive 1st downs for Saints for the first time in this ball game.

Thomas short run... for nada.  Brees drops back and... Sacked, ball pops out and Stinchcomb does well to recover (gets injured for his effort).  So that's Vilma, Sharper, Grant, Thomas (for those two runs) and Stinchcomb who have turned up for the Saints today out of a suited up squad of 45.

Devery Henderson gets a few on 3rd down and now John Carney is back in for a 50 yard field goal attempt that... surprise, surprise, goes wide of the posts.  This is some bad karma day in New Orleans.  Don Shula's on the sidelines looking very happy.  The 72 Dolphins look like they can rest easy the way this is going.  I'm not giving up though... never do...

Smiling Chimpanze

Oh my Cedrick Ellis is being helped from the field with an injury.

Reggie Bush makes nothing on the ensuing punt return so the Saints offence will inherit poor field position again.  I'm not getting on Reggie's back for that though as I still rate the second guessing element he brings to opposing D co-ordinators... just as I type that he looses his footing on a hand off for a loss of two!!  I'm going to stop typing for a bit.

Brees is sacked at the 2 yard line (so much for not writing for a while).  That week off for the Dolphins has clearly given them time to watch a tonne of film and work some pretty intelligent schemes because the Saints have just not got out of the blocks today.

Right definitely shutting up for a bit so I can watch this...

Shutting Mouth

Nope I'm straight back as just had a thought.  The Saints D really isn't playing that bad.  They gave up the big play to Ricky Williams but apart from that most of the points have resulted from short plays and bad field positions.  It's shocking to say this but the Saints offence is simply having a stinker.  Pepé Le Pew (skunk from Warner Brother’s cartoons) would be holding his nose watching this one.

But then the Saints D force a fumble and Sharper recovers in Dolphin territory.  Brees to Lance Moore (FINALLY) for 7.  Brees to Bush on 3rd and 3 and they convert on 3rd down for the first time today. 

Jeremy Shockey makes his first grab of the day and gets a first down.  Finally the Saints are driving; again for the first time (and we're now in the two minute warning).  Brees has been under pressure on most plays which is very unlike the Saints O line this year.

But then... Brees to Colston and TOUCHDOWN!!  Back shoulder of Marques Colston, 5th of the season, which takes it to... oh no, the booth are reviewing and declare from on high that he was downed at the half yard line.  This is just not our day.  But hold on to your hats... the Saints were about to kick a field goal as only 5 seconds were left on the clock when the Dolphins inexplicably called a timeout and Brees talks Peyton into letting him back out there... Next play Drew Brees leaps over center and TOUCHDOWN.  Gutsy play calling.  Love it.  Dolphins 24, Saints 10.  That could have been so much worse but for the fumble and that recent run of plays.  

I've seen fish inside barrels being shot at putting up better fights than the Saints offence in this first half.  Just mistakes galore.  Have to take it on the chin and accept it as one of those things.  Regroup boys and let's get back in this.

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