Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Famous New Orleans Saints players of the future

I have a feeling that when all is said and done we are going to end up with a number of newly famous New Orleans Saints players at the end of this season. 

At present the Saints roster is full of unassuming team players who do not get national recognition at their position.  That is sure to change if they continue to play in the same vein of form that has taken the Saints to 5 and 0.

Chief among them are the receiving corps, running backs and the totally unheralded Offensive line.  So I hereby present to you my soon to be famous New Orleans Saints players.  I only pray we can keep hold of them come years end:

1.  Lance Moore - the Wes Welker of our receivers, the slot guy and 3rd down specialist.  I've watched Moore's progress with great interest over the past year and a half more out of disbelief that the Saints scouts had unearthed yet another unheralded gem.  I really like his selfless team play, a coach's dream.

Lance Moore WR Saints

2.  Pierre Thomas - the undrafted 2007 free agent has been a real find and has helped balance the offence by powering the running game.  An excellent inside runner he also has the speed to turn the corner and is another team first player.

Pierre Thomas Jersey

3.  Robert Meachem/Marques Colston - both have already posted good numbers in previous seasons so there is some level of awareness out there but I believe they will both end up with stellar numbers this season.  Both are tall, strong and quick with good hands.  Like the rest of the team they are more interested in doing their talking on the field than the media, a blessing for any cohesive play off bound contenders.

Needless to say I have left Drew Brees off this list as he already has some nationwide recognition.  That said I still do not think that he gets the credit he deserves and a stellar season could see him widely accepted as the best QB in the league, a title he more than deserves in my wholly biased eyes.

Saints Drew Brees QB

Finally a big shout out to Jermon Bushrod, Jahri Evans, Carl Nicks, Jonathan Goodwin and Jon Stinchcomb, the offensive line who make it all happen around them.  The way they handled the Giants front 7 on Sunday goes to show what a unit they have become.  The pass protection has been flawless and they have helped establish the Saints as one of the leagues best running teams.  Sadly these guys are never going to find the fame attached to the likes of Bush, Brees and Co. but if they continue playing as they have they could help make this the most famous New Orleans Saints team of all time.  Here's hoping!

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