Sunday, October 25, 2009

3rd Quarter Report - Saints on the come back trail

Start of the second half and before I can say 'Your mum is on trial for purgery' Darren Sharper intercepts Henne and returns for a TOUCHDOWN!!  Except it's not definitely a touchdown as we go to commercials because it's not that kind of a game.  It will either be a touchdown or a touchback when we return.

Game defining decision coming up and... The play STANDS - Get the fuck in!!  Sorry for all those of a sensitive disposition but I feel justified in swearing after this turn around as we're back in the game!
Get The Fuck In
Next play and Saints sack Chad Henne, is this a momentum shift we are witnessing?  2 more plays and the Dolphins are bringing in their punter... Reggie returns for half a peanut and a packet of squirrels.  The Saints will takeover at their own 35.

Pierre Thomas for a couple, Brees knocked as he throws and the ball falls incomplete.  3rd and 7.  Long to Devery Henderson (Brees was under pressure AGAIN).  1st and 10 at Dolphins 25.

Brees incomplete to Colston, Pierre Thomas stopped for a loss of 1.  3rd and 11.  Brees goes to Colston in the end zone... Colston makes the grab but a fish wrestles it from him and it's an interception and touch back.  Balls.

Dolphins still 24 Saints 17.  This is an important drive.  We need to stop another momentum shift.

The Saints Defence comes up trumps again as Vilma stuffs the run on 3rd and short.  Vilma and Sharper are leading this team by example today.

Jonathan Vilma Saints Captain

Saints takeover at their own 20 after Bush returns for a squirrels nut-sack and an amoeba.

Brees sacked again on 2nd down (4th of the game by the Dolphins).  Brees then hit by Jason Taylor on 3rd down which forces a fumble, Miami's ball at the Saint 15.  As a reserved Englishman would say... Crickey!

But the Dolphins go 3 and out so have to settle for a field goal.

Dolphins 27, Saints 17 with 5.59 remaining in the 3rd.

Mike Bell on the first play of the possession and he takes it 38 yards to the Dolphins 48.  Quality.  Get him in the game (and not just because he's in my fantasy team).  Devery Henderson now on a reverse for good yardage down to the 29.  Pierre Thomas for 6 more.  2nd and 4.  Pass to LANCE MOORE THE MOST UNDERRATED WR for a 1st down to 14.  This is more like it.

Saints quickly facing 3rd and 10 after a pass to Bush which results in a gain of a DNA string.  Next pass though goes to Marques Colston in the back of the end zone for... A TOUCHDOWN!

Football Ref Touchdown

Dolphins 27, Saints 24.  Game Mother Funking On.  Who Dat, Who Dat, Who Dat gonna go Hex Dem Saints?  1.09 to go in the 3rd.

Miami start at their own 29.  Henne incomplete.  Henne to Hardline for 67 yards.  Ricky Williams gets his salt shaker out and rubs in a touchdown.

Miami 34, Saints 24.  This game really reminds me of the Dolphins Bears 85 regular season game that put a stop to the Bears perfect season.  Don't ask me to explain as frankly I want a sip of beer.

It also reminds me of a song I once wrote called 'So near so far, se la vie my friend'... it was a blues gabba techno track with a fusion of mild hysteria... a bit like Shania Twain stuck at a dull cocktail party with Rush Limbaugh.

Saints 17 Dolphins 24.

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