Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saintsational - Defence holds Giants first drive then Brees comes out firing

Saints Defence holds first Giants drive to 1 first down.  They managed to knock down Manning once, stopped Jacobs after a 6 yard pick and knocked down 2 balls.  Great effort.  As good a start as you could hope for.

The Defence just looks like such a changed team this year.  The confidence Darren Harper brings to the secondary really helps the aggression of the front 7.

Saints offence comes out and 3 straight passes each for a 1st down.  1 to Moore, 1 to Shockey and 1 to XYZ (was typing so missed it).  Then straight onto Henderson for short yardage.

Drew Brees

WOW - bullet to Colston who catches around the 5 and the momentum takes him through.  Post pattern, double coverage and he puts it on the money.  Incredible throw and a perfect start.  I cannot even keep up the typing with how fast Bree's is moving this offence.

Kill joy Coughlin is challenging the play and it looks like he'll win it with the ball being downed at the 1.  Yep they win it.  1st and goal on the 1.

No bother, Bree's to Shockey in the back of the endzone on next play, TOUCHDOWN.  Bree's 6 of 6 for 80 yards on the drive.

I'll check back in at the end of the Quarter.

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