Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saints Giants Half Time - what a game!

Brees deep to Meachem and the Saints continue where they left off.  However the Giants hold the short running game and on 4th and goal they deny Thomas over left tackle.  Is this a game changer?  Giants ball.

Oh my... oh my what a game.  2 plays after the goal line stand and another momentum shift as a Roman Harper blitz strips the ball from Manning and Shanley recovers all the way down to the 7 yard line.  Unbelievable.  So the Saints have another crack at it with 18 seconds to go.

1st play battered down pass from Bree's.  1st incompletion in 16 attempts for Bree's.
2nd play - TOUCHDOWN REGGIE BUSH!!  Hand off from shotgun and Bush gets to the corner.

Touchdown Reggie Bush

Saints 34 Vs Giants 17 at half time.

315 total yards of offence for the Saints.  Perfect football match up and everything we've been waiting for.  Bree's 17 of 20 for 247 yards and 3TD's at the half against a top top Defence.  They've scored the same number of points in two Quarters as the Giants have allowed all season!

Tune into a TV near you now to catch the rest of this game as it is on fire.  The Kings of Leon should change their song lyrics to reflect this game!

Kings of Leon Saints

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