Sunday, October 18, 2009

The 2nd Quarter and the Giants are hanging in

Next drive, Thomas run, Thomas run, Shockey catch, Robert Meacham catch Touchdown!!  Absolutely perfect throw again into double coverage.  The Giants are just not able to deal with Bree's at the moment.  The Saints O are moving the ball on the floor and in the air at ease.  It's quite shocking.  207 total yards offensively already.

20 nothing after blocked point after.  Scott Fujita is out the game though.

1st challenge of game by Peyton for a spot of the ball on Manning 3rd and 10 connection.  It looked short of the spot.  The Giants will have to go for it if they are to stay in the game even if they turn possession over at midfield.  The Saints loose the challenge.

Sharper intercepts ball and returns for TD but called back for roughing the passer called on Vilma.  Bradshaw takes the ball in from 12 yards 2 plays later instead making it 20 to 10 instead of 27 to 3.  I hope that Vilma call does not come back to haunt us as the Saints are only 10 points ahead despite complete domination.  73 yard drive on 9 plays.

Jonathan Vilma Saints Linebacker

Brandon Jacobs is shook up.

Reggie Bush 1st play of the day takes a pitch and picks up 9.  3rd down converted by Mike Bell to the Giants 47.  That's all 3 backs now in the game and making good plays.  Perfectly balanced offence which allows Bree's to play action and throw deep which draws a pass interference penalty all the way down to the Giants 12.  Play action again and Touchdown to Lance Moore!!  The play picks me up points on the Fantasy team, heralds the 100th touchdown pass by Bree's as a Saint and puts them up 27 to 10 with an almost perfect game to date.

Giants special teamer Hixon returns another long one though and gives the Giants great field position at the Saints 37.  Bar 2 returns by Hixon and the Vilma penalty this game would be over.  Manning moves the ball and it's another TD making it a 10 point game.  This worries me.  To play this perfect and have the Giants still in the game?  Not a good omen.  Keep the faith though as Brees is on fire and is a cool customer.

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