Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inside the Saints helmet and I'm going nuts!

1st play of the 4th Quarter and Jeremy Shockey goes 66 yards on a pass from Drew Brees down to the Dolphins 14.  Huge play.

Bell now with short yardage.  Then... double reverse to Reggie Bush for a spectacular touchdown leap (Michael Jordanesque... makes up for all the short yardage squirrel nuts of earlier).  I guess that's why some people get on his back because when he pulls out magic like that they wonder why not every time.  Reminds me of an English soccer player called John Barnes but that's a different story. 

Touchdown Reggie Bush

Great TD and the game is back on.  Dolpins 34, Saints 31.  Hide behind your barrels folks cause this is a shoot out.

Dolphins possession ended by combo of Greer and Tracy Porter big plays.  Punt.  Saints ball.  Game On.

Mike Bell, Mike Bell, 1st down.  I love Mike Bell.  Saints at midfield.

16 yard pass to Jeremy Shockey and the big man looks pumped.  Must be close to a 100 yards recieving now. 

Jeremy Shockey New Orleans Saints

And again to Shockey for a 1st down to the Dolphins 17 (and definitely now over 100 yards).  Big time plays.  Mike Bell now for 7 yards and the Saints are down to the 10.  Pass out to Heath Evans who takes it to the 4.  1st and goal.

What will Sean Payton call... Oh my, there we see it.  Quarterback sneak by Brees from 4 yards and almost untouched. Great call Lord Peyton.

Dolphins 34, Saints 37 as Carney's extra point is missed; it's just one of those games.

Dolphins ball.  Bobby McCray with some up front pressure.  The Dolphins are 3 and out on this possession.  Punt to Bush and now a Blackberry commercial butchering All You Need is Love by the Beatles.  If I wasn't so turned around by the Saints revival I'd draft a strongly worded complaint to Blackberry that I wouldn't bother sending because really what's the point.

Beatles All You Need Is Love

Back to the game and Dolphins just lost a stupid 15 yards on a self inflicted penalty.  Saints down to the Dolphins 44. 

Drew Brees to Devery Henderson for 22 yards.  Brees now with more time and controlling the ball.  They've really adjusted to the Dolphins pass rush scheme's to make this come back.

Mike Bell for 6 yards, Shockey drop, now 3rd and 4.  Reggie Bush in the flat who brakes a tackle to take him and his squirrels 12 yards.  1st and goal with 5 minutes to go.

Mike Bell through the middle to the 2.  Let that clock run... Bell dropped for a 1 yard loss to the 3.  Big play coming up now and... The Saints take a timeout to have a cup of tea and a calm chat about the best Magnum PI box sets to buy for loved ones at Christmas.

Here we go.  Brees to Colston and... incomplete.  The Saints have to settle for a field goal.

Miami Dophins 34, New Orleans Saints 40.  3.23 on the clock.

Dolphins from their own 20.  Quickly to 3rd and 4.  Dolphins convert to their own 44.  2 min 30 to go.  Give me someone’s nails as mine are no more.

Dolphin’s penalty and a loss of down see's them at 2nd and 8.  Dropped ball by RICKY WILLIAMS, how's that salt and lime taste my man?  Eat turf.  3rd and 8... But then a false start, 3rd and 13.  Henne over throws the tight end.  4th and 13 and the game play. 

Salt And Lime

Here we go.  Henne drops back and... Tracy Porter intercepts and returns the ball 53 yards for a TOUCHDOWN!!  Flag down... But it's against the Dolphins so the touchdown stands!  Saints are going for 2 to put this away... and they fail.

Miami Dolphins 34, New Orleans Saints 46.

The Saints see out the game for the victory.

Well I for one am glad I blogged whilst this game was in progress for I think it shows just what a roller coaster of emotions this has been.  This surpasses the Giants win in terms of learning about the Black and Gold for it just goes to show what the team is made of.  To come back as we have in this fashion is nothing short of remarkable.  We are serious title contenders now.  When the offence was seriously failing the D (and return team) stepped up and kept the Saints in the game.  We were dead and buried before the half and yet somehow affected this recovery.  Talk about knocked down twice for the count and still taking the belt.

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  1. What's really interesting to me about the weekly "who was the MVP of the game" was that it was evenly distributed between all 4 candidates. That tells you something about the TEAM we got going here.

    I added you to my who dats blogroll. I look forward to reading your stuff.

  2. As someone from South Africa, that is trying to get into the NFL more and more, I found this play by play both insightful and valuable (and enjoy the humor)