Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mike Singletary and the eyes of steel

I don't know if you managed to catch the 49ers Falcons game on Sunday but I for one am glad I am not a San Fran player this week.  Mike Singletary's eyes told a story of just what he thought of the lack of concentration and effort on display by players throughout his team.

Mike Singletary Eyes

If there is one coach you would not want to cross in the NFL Singletary stands head and shoulders above all others for me.  He coaches how he played, with maximum intensity and hard work.  He was a model professional; smart, tough, committed and a leader.  Now that he is a head coach you better believe he expects such qualities from his players and, at the very least, total commitment to the team cause.  What he got on Sunday was something of a joke and I dread to think just how bad the screaming in the locker room got.  That said his team deserved such a tongue lashing.

From the outset too many of his players simply did not have their heads in the game.  Stupid penalties, blown assignments and unnecessary show boating made me angry for him.  I mean how hard can it be?  You train all week, you watch game film over and over, you are paid a big salary to play the game you love and you are led by someone that demands every players respect.  I would give anything to play or simply work for someone like that.  Someone you can rely upon to have your back if you guarantee him maximum effort.  Even if you fall short with Singletary you can rest assured that if you worked your socks off for the team he is going to support you and give you the confidence to come back and prove him right.

If I were a 49er player this week, Bry springs to mind, I would take a long hard look in the mirror and ask myself whether I am ready to grow up and sieze the opportunity I've been presented with.  I would then spend the next week preparing to play the game of my life and to run through walls if necessary to get things right.  It's the least you could do to prove you are worthy of a place on his team.

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