Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Orleans Saints close out victory over Giants 48 to 27

4th down conversion by Manning then they're straight back facing another 4th and goal.  Bradshaw makes a heck of a catch for a touchdown but it gets ruled out by a holding call so the Giants have to settle for a field goal (not sure about that holding call).  41 to 20.

Pierre Thomas breaks his first long one of the day on the next possession.  They're going to start to eat up this clock now using Bell and Thomas.  Interesting stat popped up at the end of the next Bell run: Saints Offence play selection = 31 runs, 29 passes.  That shows what a complete package the Saints O now is and helps explain how they've kept the Giants guessing all day.

Mike Bell Saints

Back to the drive...  Long one to Meachem on 3rd and 8 completes down to the 2.  1st and goal.  Give it to Bell, give it to Bell (fantasy team!)... Nope, Heath Evans draw play making him the 7th player to score a touchdown for the New Orleans Saints today.  Perfect offence, I mean literally.  I knew they were good but they have totally made this very good Giants D look ordinary.  I did not predict this.  It had been total domination.  Jeremy Shockey is looking very happy and relaxed on the sidelines.  Saint 48, Giants 20.  Remember this also, if it wasn't for the Vilma penalty the scoreboard would read 55 to 13!

Heath Evans Touchdown

Sub bet - Jim Zorn to loose his job Monday morning?  I'll take that.

Back to the game.  The Giants are facing 4th and 8 within 3 plays and will punt.  Saints starting from their own 32.  Mark Brunell comes in for Bree's who finishes the day on 23 of 30 for 369 yards, 3 TD's and 0 ints. Punt.

Eli Manning to someone or other (sorry was day dreaming about the Super Bowl) for a touchdown to bring it back to 48 to 27.  Don't think I'm going to win any Sports Writer of the year awards for such blatant lack of attention and bias.

Game ends with a sack by Ellis, nice.

The Saints go to 5 and 0 with Miami next up before two home games at the Super Dome including the Falcons.  What bet 8 and 0?  Who wants my money?

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  1. Nice play by play. What a fun game! Loved that it ended with that sack!!!