Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Air Reggie - Michael Jordan eat your heart out!

I was watching the Saints Dolphins game back last night and I've got to say that Reggie Bush touchdown leap in the 4th was something else.  I think I overlooked it at the time because of how caught up I was with the way the amazing game was turning out.  The hang time Reggie put on his touchdown leap was pretty incredible.

Reggie Bush Michael Jordan

I know some fans get on his case but the Saints are so much better off with Reggie Bush in the team even if he's not touching the ball a great deal.  The fact is opposing defensive co-ordinators know just how explosive Reggie can be so they always have to ensure one of their faster backs or linebackers is tracking him on each play.  That frees up space for other Saint backs and receivers to exploit and greatly helps the complete offensive team package.

Also, because some fans do get on his back so much, he does try a little too hard at times to match the hype that surrounds him.  I think that is indicative of the fact that he cares passionately about his sport and his role in the team and should not be used as a stick to beat him with.

Reggie Bush Flying

Overall the Saints are better for having Reggie and I for one look forward to more Michael Jordan style leaps in this electrifying Saints season.  Reggie Bush for London 2012 anyone?  You better believe it!

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