Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger Woods Ain't No Saint

Look into my eyes, directly into my eyes, not around my eyes but directly into them... OK and you're under my spell. I am Tiger Woods. What I did was wrong. I am very sorry for the hurt I have caused. I did not mean to do these things. I am very sorry. I messed up. Please stone me oh court of public opinion and have your pound of flesh but in the end forgive me so I can go back to my comfortable life again pretty soon... So said the man who looked like a machine talking to camera at the end of last week.

Talk about being forced up there by your PR man and sponsors. What a sterile, insincere performance.

I'll level with you, I hate golf. Yes I know that's a sin to some people but I just couldn't give a rats ass about the sport so all in all I know very little about Tiger Woods and care even less.

So to me this whole affair has been a case of 'who cares?'... But as it turns out, just about every one. However watching the public reading the other day was pretty uncomfortable viewing.

Here is a guy idolized by millions, paid astronomical sums of money to hit a ball with a stick and apparantly sleeping with half the population of Florida. Talk about caught with your pants down. Wow, I don't know about your golf Tiger but that is some impressive bed hopping. How he had the mental fortitude to lie on such a scale is pretty amazing.

To watch that performance was to see a guy who felt he had to say those words to keep sponsors happy. Is he really sorry? I doubt it. I think he's more sorry he got found out. If he was really sorry he wouldn't have cheated on his wife and kids with so many woman.

I mean there's having an affair and then there's complete and utter contempt for your family. Yes people make mistakes in life and have affairs, etc, which you forgive and move on, but to have that many extra marital affairs is industrial scale cheating.

I just feel sorry for his wife and kid because they have to live with that fact. Never again can Tiger say 'just popping out for some milk, need anything' (not that he probably does) and his wife not think 'is he sleeping with the girl from the 7/11?'.

I guess all I'm saying is everyone makes mistakes and deserves forgiveness but did I see someone who is genuinely sorry for what he has done? Nope. More a case of 'how much do I stand to loose if I don't get up and make this apology?'. Shame as I hear he's quite good at hitting a ball with a stick and was a role model to millions of kids.  I guess at least he can take heart in the fact he's now a role model to Charlie Sheen.


  1. I reckon you're an idiot. You still covered in gold paint or you managed to wash it off yet?

  2. Your mum cleaned it off. With her tongue.

  3. I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.

  4. I guess Tiger has to do it to gain the confidence of the public. And to be back on track with his major sponsors. Good luck to him. ;)