Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saints Super Bowl Merchandise

I've just been looking through the Amazon shop for Saints Super Bowl Merchandise and I cannot believe what you can already buy.  I know people are geared up for either team winning but it still amazes me how fast they get this stuff put together and ready for the rush of us frenzied fans.  I admit I couldn't help buying some stuff as I went through there.  I mean how often have the Saints ever been Super Bowl Champions?  Well now the answer is a nice big beautiful one time baby!!

I think my favorite items have to be the Saints Super Bowl DVD, the shot glasses, the Saints Super Bowl Monopoly board (brilliant!) and the Super Bowl Commemerative Gold coins.  They've also got Reggie Bush, Drew Brees, Marques Colston and Lance Moore Super Bowl player jerseys to name but a few.  I'm not normally one to buy this stuff but somehow it just feels right for once, you know what I mean?

There's got to be a pile of this exact same stuff with the Colts logo all over it heading for land fill somewhere right now.  Oh well, better that than Who Dat Super Bowl Merchandise as there can only be one winner... Oh yeah right, it was us!!

1 comment:

  1. Aaah hell yeh - I'ma definally get me the Saints Superbowl DVD, Monopoly and them Commemerative gold coins. I love Drew Brees man so I'll get alladat as well and prolly all the Who Dat Superbowl Merchandize!!! yeh baby!!!