Monday, February 8, 2010

Drew Brees Super Bowl MVP

The Saints Super Bowl Sunday win is a night that will live long in the hearts of all the Who Dat Nation.  After decades of hurt and after the trauma of Katrina the city of New Orleans came together last night to rejoice in the brilliance that was our Saints team and boy did we deserve it!

Bourbon Street Super Bowl Party

After some early nerves and missed opportunities the team came together with renewed vigor to get the job done in the second half.  Sean Payton made one of the gutsiest calls of all time with the kick off and from then on we had the wind in our sails.

If ever there was a game changing moment you can attribute to a coach this was it.  It seemed to give the whole team belief and they played the second half in the fashion we've become accustomed to - high intensity and an unstoppable will to win.

Drew Brees Super Bowl MVP - The Saints legend was sheer class once he'd got his nerves under control.  He found his rhythm early in the 2nd Quarter and never looked back.  His 32 completions from 39 attempts equalled the Super Bowl completion record set by Tom Brady.  But it was his ice cool leadership, play calling and execution that really told the story of the Saints Super Bowl win and ensured the great man left the big game rightly hailed as the games MVP.  Finally he has the recognition he so deserves for all his tireless work and dedication to the Saints cause.

Drew Brees Super Bowl MVP Interview

On the other side of the ball Jonathan Vilma continued to do what he has done all year by directing the Saints D around the field in answer to Peyton Mannings audibles.  His reading of Manning on a 3rd and 11 with 11 on the clock in the 4th Quarter was another game changer.

Manning audibled and Vilma reacted directing the secondary to drop back before himself making a play on the ball to break up the eventual pass near the end zone.  With the score set at Saints 16 Colts 17 this was a moment of genuine brilliance by the Saints D Captain and one that ended up being decisive.

Talking of decisive moments how about Tracy Porter getting the read on Peyton Manning and taking it to the house?  I don't think I have ever been as excited in my life as I was in those few seconds of brilliance by the young Saints CB.  What a play and what a way to kill off the biggest game in Saints history.

All the team are Super Saints

Praise goes to every Saints player and coach on the field as they all did a great job but there are a couple of under appreciated people I want to pay tribute to.

First up Lance Moore.  The Saints WR has spent the majority of the year on the sidelines with his troublesome ankle injury so it was great to see him make such an important grab on the 2 point conversion.

Lance Moore 2 Point Conversion

Next up Roman Harper who was all over the field making important tackles throughout the game and underlining what a vital player he is.  Yes he got burned by Garcon for the go ahead touchdown but he continued to play his game and helped contain the many threats the Colts receiving corps posed.

Finally a shout out to Pierre Thomas and Marques Colston.  Both produced the goods when called upon and helped the Saints juggernaut offense start to move with conviction.  Colston for one could have lost confidence following an early dropped pass but he put it behind him to lead the Saints in receiving with 7 grabs for 83 yards.

Oops I almost overlooked new Saints legend himself Garrett Hartley who nailed all 3 of his field goals, the shortest being from 44 yards, to keep the Saints in contention.  Without his cool temperament the game could easily have gotten away from us in those early exchanges.


All in all it was the best night of my life and I still cannot believe we are Super Bowl Champions.  It just feels so alien.  But if ever there was a city and a people that deserved it then the people of New Orleans and all the Who Dat Nation would be first in the queue.  Who Dat, Who Dat, Who Dat say dey gonna dem Saints?!! 


  1. Hmm, a couple of points if I may.

    Well, as you know I'm a massive Colts fan, Lafayetee born n raised dun. So, you'll understand how disappointed I was to see we were playing against 12 men....

    You talk about game changing decisions - how about the officials giving possession to the Saints after that wildly flukey onside kick at the start of the 2nd half?! Laughable - so obviously Colts ball.

    And as for the 2pts given - he was so far away from being in possession of the ball he might as well have been juggling.

    Brees MVP!? Come on, Manning schooled him until the officials stepped in. Should have been Joseph Addai all day long...or Scott Green, Jim Pearson and Jim Lapetina if you're a Saints fan...

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  3. Whoa there dude. The best team won!! Saints for life!!

  4. I was skeptical on both of those . . . until I saw the replay. Pretty clear on both of them.

    So glad to see Lance Moore back. And I think that Garcon td was more on Usama Young than Harper. But, stuff happens. Peyton saw him in for Greer and pounced. C'est la vie.

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed the game and didn't reinjure yourself jumping around!

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  6. D May - you couldn't be more wrong and bitter if you tried. Both those plays were called the right way by the zebras and you're just sad the Saints are Super Bowl champions and you have to live with the truth - the best team won! Actually you're just upset because you had to watch the Super Bowl in my lounge being the only Colts fan!

    Michelle wasn't it great. I hope you managed to keep your voice as I was very croaky yesterday but well worth it. I did indeed hurt my back as I jumped out of sheer instinct when Tracy Porter intercepted Manning - all worth it though, just paying for it today! ;-)

  7. You are to football what Dubya is to politics.

  8. D. May are you saying that historians will look back and see The Falconer as one of the best of the century?

  9. What, one of the best at being utterly unsuited to his job?