Friday, February 19, 2010

And the World just keeps on turning...

It's almost two weeks since magic Sunday and I'm only just about starting to come down from that high when Tracy Porter picked Mr Perfect. It still feels weird to be known as Super Bowl champions. I roll it round in my mouth like some kind of wine connoisseur and it tastes like something distant and faint like something lost in the sands of time. I find it hard to believe that the team of my life somehow found it in them to not be shit, average or just about good but instead be bold, brilliant and majestic... Finally I know what it feels like to be with the winning team!

That said I would not change the years of suffering and plain ineptness for all the tea in China (and my mums cupboard - which literally competes with China when it comes to tea consumption).

There was so much beauty in our beast. The ecstasy of big jump out leads, the pulse racing brilliance of watching big time come backs, the nerve shredding endurance race that was the Super Bowl first half, all played their part in a season to remember.

And now we just have the off season and time to reflect.

I've already watched the Super Bowl game back 5 times and whilst it is always great I just wish the new season was upon us so we could go again whilst team Super Bowl are all together. I fear however that many of our close knit team will depart to big money offers and we'll loose some of the magic that so held this great bunch of players together. Only time will tell but in the management we trust.

And so to matters at hand and how to get through the next few months without football.

We've obviously got the sheepish apology of Tiger Woods to look forward to, the 4 man bobsleigh event at the Winter Olympics (got to love the sight of people running down an ice sheet and then jumping into a tiny buggy and praying to God not to crash), the first shoots of spring and the annual Easter egg hunt where over competitive Dad will go all out to bring home the candy. 'Out of my way kids, that egg is mine', 'look there's no point crying about it', 'life is tough, get used to it', 'no I won't give the kids a share of my candy no matter how much you threaten to withold sex lady Falconer'... 'Kids here's the candy, Daddy was wrong to win the egg hunt and, sorry what was the next line dear? oh yeah and I was juvenile and I should realize I'm an adult now and not a child and something else, blah de blah, blah, boring, boring... Honey where are you going? Hun? I said I was sorry', 'Oh man am I in trouble'...

And so the World keeps on turning.


  1. I distract myself during the off season with my second place love team, the Atlanta Braves. I'm looking foward to opening day, and perhaps finding a warm sunny spring day to head over for the weekend and watch them play.

  2. Ah if only I had caught the baseball bug early but alas I just can't get into it. I am a football man through and through and just can't get excited about baseball. I hope the Braves season goes well for you. Warm spring is much needed now!