Friday, February 5, 2010

Saints Super Bowl Shopping List

Like many a good Saints fan who can't make it down to Miami I will be watching the big game at home with a group of friends and a nervous disposition. I'm excited as hell but the fact is I'm developing a slight twitch and am already finding it difficult to hold a drink without spilling it such is the inner tension. So the only course of action I can see is to write a big Saints Super Bowl shopping list to keep my mind at bay. So here's what Dr. Falconer is ordering.

1. A Drew Brees 400+ yard game, 3/4 TD haul and 0 ints - check,

2. A Pierre Thomas 100+ yard game - check,

3. A Will Smith Bobby McCray Peyton Manning sandwich with a side of Reggie Wayne fumbles - check, check,

4. 2 Reggie Bush game changing moments for the highlights reel - I'll have to see what they've got out back but I'm pretty sure we can accommodate,

5. Another Darren Sharper Jonathan Vilma same game interception haul - absolutely, check,

6. About 100 tins of beer for the Falconer troop + whisky when we win - goes without saying and already in the house,

7. A Who half time performance we can all sing along to safe in the knowledge the Saints are almost home and dry - hmm, might struggle with this one but we'll see if there's any in the warehouse,

8. A combo of ribs, pizza, chips and dips to be on hand throughout the game - you sure that's all? I think we have more stuff en route for delivery.

Saints Super Bowl shopping 
Is that all you want dear?  
N.B. Not actually Lady Falconer

Good lady Falconer is off to the grocery store shortly to get the complete Saints Super Bowl Shopping List order fulfilled. Anything you want ordered please holla now.

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