Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints Super Bowl Party

With just hours to go until the greatest night of the Who Dat Nations collective lives and I am as excited as a kid in a candy store who's been told every day is Christmas and he never need go to school again... and his house is made of jelly and his team, the Saints, are about to win their first ever Super Bowl.  In a word I am excitelingly-fantasmically-prepersezedly-my-lord-hallelujahlarly-out-of-this-World -fired-up for tonight,  None of that made sense but you catch the drift.

It's been such a long road to get to this point that I can't quite believe this is finally Super Sunday with the Saints in the big game.  All those years of heartache and worry, all the years of holding our heads in our collective hands, all those years of being the laughing stock of the league have all been worth it to get to this point.

I don't think we would be this excited if we hadn't been through so much.  So to the class of Hobby Brenner, Bobby Hebert, Rueben Mayes, Dalton Hilliard, Wayne Martin, Pat Swilling, Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, Vaughn Johnson, Morten Anderson, Craig Hayward, Eric Martin, Frank Warren, Dave Waymer and co. through my early childhood class of Earl Campbell, George Rodgers, Jeff Groff, Richard Todd and Dave Wilson (my first Saints shirt and first experience of people laughing at my team) right through to the teams of Brooks, Horn, Smith, Cleeland, Stallworth, and every other Saints player who has busted a gut for the team before or since, now is our time, today is our day of destiny, today is our payback!

Big love to the Who Dat Nation and all who have ridden the waves to get to this point.  May our collective will ensure a happy ending to this dream season.  Our team has the talent, the desire and the ability to get it done.  Now it's time to tune in, drink some beer and shout until our voices go hoarse!


  1. My sister turned to me this morning and told me the only other time she felt this way was on her wedding day. The joyful anticipation. She said she was afraid to tell folks that because they wouldn't understand. I do. It really does feel that way. It's a life event. It's okay that other people don't understand, other teams' fans; it isn't the same for them and that's okay. We feel this. We own this.

  2. Totally. It's such a strange feeling. I think I'd kind of just accepted that the Saints would always be the Saints and we'd never quite make it to the Super Bowl. Now that we have I just find it so strange. It is amazing excitement though and I'm going to enjoy every second of the build up.

    Big love to you, your family and all you will be watching the game with. It's going to be something to remember always.

  3. My husband and I got in an argument this morning because I said today was better than Christmas. He disagreed. So I was forced to remind him that he (being a former New Yorker) was adopted. He can call himself part of the Who Dat Nation, but clearly he doesn't get it. Not enough, at least.

    Enjoy the day!

  4. How did Dru Breeze get that scar on his face?

    Come on you Colts. 1 way traffic at the mo. I'm writing this from Falconer's party and I can't put into words how much of a riot it is.