Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drew Brees Confirms Words to his Chant

Drew Brees dropped into Lucy's bar following the Saints Super Bowl parade and finally confirmed the words to his chant.  Here's the video and the confirmed words as previously reported on the Drew Brees chant post.

Drew Brees Chant at Lucy's Bar

Brees: 1; Chorus: 2
Brees: Win; Chorus: For You
Brees: 3; Chorus: 4
Brees: Win; Chorus: Some More
Brees: 5; Chorus: 6
Brees: Win; Chorus: For Kicks
Brees: 7; Chorus: 8
Brees: Win; Chorus: It's Great
Brees: 9; Chorus: 10
Brees: Win; Chorus: Again
All: Again, Again, Again, Again! 

What a legend.  He makes me want to suit up now and go get the opposition.  Just wish the season was starting again today.  

I love rewatching all these videos of the Super Bowl parties in New Orleans.

And this Bourbon Street party.

Great videos and memories for all Saints fans.  It's still unbelievable two weeks down the line.

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  1. Drew Brees chant is the shheeeeeet man, best chant for the best team in the world!!!!!

    I was there for the Saints Super Bowl Parade dude, never drunk so much st ides in my life..made the mardi gras look like a fcukin picnic man!!!

  2. Yeah it looked amazing. As I still can't walk too far I couldn't make it down but loads of friends went down and brought me back video evidence including D.May - did you see him there? He was the one covered all over in gold paint wearing only a pair of shorts. You would have noticed him because he would have been singing the Drew Brees chant with a bit of a slur given how drunk the bum usually is. LOL.

  3. Bit of a long walk from where you are is it not?