Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saints Vs Panthers 4th Quarter

Welcome to the who cares bowl.  The Panthers lead the Saints here in the 4th Quarter 23 to 10 although with most of the Saints 2nd stringers on display is it any wonder.  At least some of these guys are showing a passion for the tackle on the D.

Highlight of the 4th Quarter comes as Jonathan Casillas jacks up the Panthers return man after the Saints fail to do much on O and punt away.  Great hit by the rookie.

Julius Peppers makes a great interception grab as Mark Brunell went to throw a screen pass after a long Saints drive down to the Panthers 20.  A shame as the drive was again a nice mix of Mike Bell and Lynell Hamilton runs and short grabs out of the back field.

And that's about it as the Panthers end up with the win 23 to 10 and the Saints finish the season 13 and 3 after a 13 and 0 start.  Whilst you can discount today's game from any real record those previous 2 losses sure loom large in the brain ahead of the playoffs so the boys in black and gold face 2 weeks of prep, game film and hard drilling to turn their end of season form around. 

Can they do it?  Course they can.  They are the New Orleans Saints and I love em.  This is still our year!


  1. the mojo seems gone. brees is a steady hand though, good luck...

  2. i get the impression the saints might be as rubbish as liverpool? opinion?