Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saints Cardinals Preview

With the big game fast approaching my nerves have steadily grown through the week so to keep my mind at rest I'm going to be positive and give you my top 10 reasons why the Saints are going to beat the Cardinals on Saturday.

Saints Cardinals Preview Picks

1.  Drew Brees is the best Quarterback in the NFL.  I don't care where the official MVP award went because here's a fact for you, there is no Quarterback in this league that I would rather have under center than the Saints QB.  The MVP award is just a popularity contest anyway.

2.  The Saints will jump out to an early lead and stay there.

3.  The Saints will maintain that early lead because the Defense will be able to play their natural aggressive game.

4.  The aggressive natural game will be dialled up because most of the Saints DBs are back to full fitness which has not been the case since the Dolphins game way back in week 7.

5.  Kurt Warner will become a Will Smith and Anthony Hargrove breakfast on 3 occasions as Gregg Williams goes for an all out blitz package.

6.  Marques Colston, Robert Meachem, Jeremy Shockey, David Thomas and Devery Henderson will find all kinds of holes in the Cardinals zone D.

7.  Reggie Bush will break two big runs and one big punt return.

8.  The Drew Brees chant will inspire the Saints to such a degree that many Cardinals players will feign injury rather than dare run out on to the field.

9.  The Saints crowd will make so much noise that the Super Dome roof will fly off into the night sky.

And finally,

10.  Peace on Earth will be declared and all man kind will rejoice by getting together at Baskin Robbins for a double chocolate fudge Sunday and to watch reruns of Mash.

OK I'm clearly too nervous to make accurate predictions and have resorted to wishful thinking.  Either way I am looking forward to Saturday with the same nervous energy I normally reserve for dentists visits and back operations.  And that's my really great/good/rubbish (delete as appropriate) Saints Cardinals Preview.

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