Monday, January 18, 2010

Reggie Bush Saints Highlights 2009 and 2010

The Reggie Bush Saints Highlights reel just continues to grow thanks to his ability to get it done when it matters most.  After having to put up with the continued debate about his contribution to the team it's great to see the incredible athlete just gets on with his game and let his feet do the talking where it matters most... On the field.

Reggie Bush Saints Highlights Vs Cardinals in 2010 Playoffs

That touchdown run against the Cardinals was just unbelievable.  It reminded me of a classic Walter Payton run from many years back although thankfully for the Saints our Reggie was able to go north to south with his rather than just east to west.

It just goes to show you can never keep a great athlete down and all season he's been promising to do that.  When he then took that punt return 83 yards it was like a re-run of the return against the Vikings last year.  He suddenly put those after burners on and you knew there wasn't a cats hell in chance any Cardinal was going to catch him.

That's not the only game that Reggie has shown his class in this season and yet you always get the moaning fraternity who say he doesn't play enough downs.  That has never been his game and who really cares so long as he delivers enough on the percentage of plays that do go his way?  Right?  Right!

Reggie Bush Touchdown Leap Vs Dolphins

I just hope we can find a way to re-sign him next year as he brings that X-Factor to the Saints team that makes opposing Defenses have to properly account for him everytime.  That frees up more space for others and so, in many ways, he contributes even when he's barely factoring in the ball handling.

So let's just hope the Reggie Bush Saints Highlights reel continues to grow for some time as we're better off with the speedster than without him.


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