Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saints Vs Panthers 2nd Quarter

The Saints start the 2nd Quarter by running the ball all out with Hamilton and Bush combining.  The drive stalls when the Saints fail to convert on 3rd down.  Garrett Hartley will try from 35 yards and makes it.  Shame he didn't have that in him last week.

The Panthers next possession sees Moosie boy Mohammed beat 4 Saints players as they try to make tackles.  So much for the early optimism that we remembered how to tackle.  The D redeems itself though with some more aggressive tackling and pursuit to stop the Panthers on next few downs to give the Saints the ball back at the Saints 41 or so.

The Saints do nothing on the next possession and I'm loosing the will to continue writing about this.

The teams then swap possessions a few times in this snoozefest before Moore drives the Panthers down the field just before the half and throws a 30 yard TD to Dwaine Jarrett.

Saints 3 Panthers 14 

Courtney Roby fumbles the ensuing kick off which the Panthers recover and Roby is hurt during the play which is not a good sign.  Is Courtney Roby injured for the playoffs?  Let's hope not as he has had an excellent season.

The Panthers kick a field goal to extend the lead before half time.

Saints 3 Panthers 17

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