Monday, January 18, 2010

Saints NFC Championship Game

The Saints demolished the Cardinals on Saturday night en route to only their second NFC Championship of all time... And I can barely remember a thing about it!  I know I was off my seat more times than a man with piles on an ice cold wooden bench but for the life of me I can't piece it altogether because I quite simply lost all control of my actions and drank like a fish for I was so ecstatic.  I'll make it up to my liver in the week but for now I just want to enjoy this moment ahead of the Saints NFC Championship game against the Vikings.

What I believe happened is that the Saints played the game of their lives to demolish the Cardinals and stick two fingers up to all those doubters out there.  I remember Jeremy Shockey limping his way to a touchdown being the warrior he is, Lynell Hamilton driving for a short yardage thouchdown, Sharper either taking a pick or a fumble recovery and more importanly the D playing an absolute stunner at times and getting to Kurt Warner more than even my optimistic part of the brain would have predicted.

I loved also Reggie Bush running to an incredible touchdown and returning a punt to the house to shut up all those doubters who always go on about the number of downs he plays.  Who cares?  He's a luxury player who we can afford to use as we choose given the other options on the team.  When he is called upon he is ready to deliver at any given moment and thanks to some inspired moves he managed to do it when it counted most.  Let's look forward to more of the same next week 

I am going to watch the game back tonight and enjoy it all over again without the faintest idea of how it all pieced together.  And I am going to watch it with a big smile on my face because the Saints are entering the NFC Championship Game on Sunday with the best team in our history and with every chance of going all the way.  I cannot wait!


  1. I wish I could watch it again, not knowing. Not knowing how well they would play. I loved every minute (well, except for the first play by the Cards). I loved how loud the dome was, that the announcers onTV had to shout and still barely be heard over the din.

    We are all giving Reggie a lot of credit, but Shockey was my hero of the night, hopping on one leg, and still making a TD catch

  2. Your liver needs no apologies. Punish it!