Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Fantasy Team

Hi All,

This week I scored a so so 96 points.  That puts me in position 2,192 overall for the week in a league of 15,000+ members so not too bad going.  The area of the team that is letting me down is out wide with both receivers and tight end pulling in a combined 13 points.  I went with Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem of the Saints as I figured the amount Bree's chucks the ball around these two have to catch their fair share with Henderson the deep specialist and Meachem over the middle.  Well so far not quite so good but I'll hang in there for another week or two.  After that I might consider trading for Mario Manningham at the Giants or Legedu Naanee of the Chargers as both come at the same value and both are racking up the points.

Anybody go along with that?  If not who would you trade for?

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