Monday, September 28, 2009

NFL season taking shape

After week 3's results some definite prospects are emerging.  The Jets, Saints, Ravens, Colts, Broncos, Giants and Vikings have all jumped out to 3 and 0 starts.  I don't think I would have wagered on that combination of teams being where they are.  Only the Ravens, Colts and Giants would have taken my money before the season to be in that select band so it definitely makes for an exciting start to the season.

I watched the Jets v Titans match up and was really impressed with Mark Sanchez.  He showed guts on his run for the early touchdown, lowering his head and then making a second effort to get the ball across the plain of the goal line.  That's the kind of leader a team respects and follows.  Thereafter he was on and off but he made enough quality throws and learned from some early ball handling mistakes to lead the Jets to victory.  If I was a New York fan I would be very happy with his development to date.

Speaking of QB's the old boy Kerry Collins threw some absolulte rockets in the game.  On one drive in particular, I think it was in the third quarter, he threw 3 passes that were just unplayable by the defence.  The old boy still has it in him to produce the goods although I don't think the Titans are now anybody's pick to go all the way.  They just don't have enough weapons to get it done this year.

I also watched the second half of the Dolphins Chargers game (I'm kind of glad my girlfriend pulled me away from the first half as it doesn't look like I missed much).  At least the second half came to life once Rivers started connecting on some deeper throws.  Again laser like accuracy from the big man.  I didn't like Norv Turners play calling in the backfield though.  I think he should have mixed it up more between Sproles and Bennett.  The Dolphins D was able to key in on Sproles too much and I think would have had less success had Bennett been used more working the inside.

Other notables from week 3:

  • Brett Favre with yet another come from behind win as the seconds ticked off the clock.  Just a born winner and I for one am glad he's still in the league.
  • The Detroit Lions finally win their first game in 19 attempts.  Well done guys.  Being a Saints fan I know what it is to be the butt of the jokes and it does get a bit tiring so hats off to you.  Hopefully you can at least have one week of respite.
  • The Saints running game helped the Saints to a 3 and 0 start (what?  you didn't really think I wasn't going to mention this did you?).  It's great to see a more balanced offence and a D that is now 5th in the league (5th!!) against the run.  If we can keep that up and stop a few more big plays in the secondary we've got a chance to go far this year.
  • The Cleveland Browns... is this the worst team in football?  It's close but I think they edge it.

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