Monday, September 28, 2009

Just watching NFL Game Day

I don't think I ever really appreciated Deion Sanders in his prime because I thought he was a loud mouth prima donna... well that and the fact he played for the rival Falcons and 49ers. Wathching NFL Game Day these days I totally love him, he cracks me up... talking of Devin Hestor 'there's my baby' (in high pitched voice), and of Adrian 'Peeeeeter...' (and becomes totally inaudible trying to say Peterson) - yes I know he was doing it all last season but I was still holding my grudge. I guess some people are just multi talented and you have to hold your hands up and respect them no matter who they may have played for.

Enjoy this highlight reel if you have time. Later this week I want to talk about my love for Barry Sanders, quite simply the greatest player who ever played the game as far as I'm concerned.

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  1. The NFL is supposed to be fun. Other than Colinsworth the commentators that get it best mix
    fun and information like Howie Long or Strahan.
    Colinsworth can be fun but he is very sharp.