Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who's your money on for this years Super Bowl?

Hi sports fans,

So the NFL season is back and we're already in week 2, can you believe it?!!  I love the early stages of the season as being a die hard Saints fan I am able to maintain hope until at least weeks 6 or 8.  Thereafter the crushing reality of another playoffless season looms ever larger in the distance and I start having to stat crunch to at least see if any of our boys will make the Pro Bowl.

This season we've jumped out to a 2 and 0 start in some style.  I won't get ahead of myself and predict a division championship but I will say at least we look like contenders.  If Drew Bree's can stay fit and healthy we have as good a chance as anybody.  That said Defence's win championships, as the old saying goes, and sometimes I think my old gran could tackle better in open play than some of our so called linebackers... oh how I wish the Dome Patrol were still around.  So far so good  but I'm not sure we have the frontline quality and depth to go all the way (please, please prove me wrong boys).

OK so that is my opening admission, I am a Saints fan, yadder, yadder, but I don't want this to be a Saints focused blog and basically just love football so will endeavour to speak from a neutrals perspective as much as is humanly possible.

Early surprises for me are witnessing a 100% record for the Broncos and Jets to date.  I'm impressed by how fast Mark Sanchez has made an impact as the pressure's on a rookie QB are pretty intense especially playing for a hard to please New York crowd.  Granted it's not the same kind of pressure as holding down 3 jobs, supporting a family of 5 with back rent and outstanding utility bills (any help would be much appreciated ;-) ) but you get my point.

Talking of QB's it's great to see Tom Brady back playing.  Quality QB's make for a better league and I for one love to watch the likes of Tom, Manning, Favre, et al, ply their trade.  It's a highly skilled business and it's fantastic to watch when executed by such practitioners of the art.

OK so early season prediction time.  I'm wagering a tonne on the Steelers to regain the Vince Lombardi trophy.  They'll beat either the Bears or Saints (OK the Bears as I said I'd be neutral) in the big final with a big Ben QB sneak with 1.32 left on the clock.

You read it here first people.  Get your spread bet set on that now.

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