Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Saints Packers Season Opener

Family Falconer are back from a weeks vacation just in time (no coincidence I might add) for the season opener. It's a strange one going on vacation just before the big kick off. Part of you is wanting the trip to stretch on forever and the other part just cannot wait for the football to begin.

So now I've made my bed and I need to lie in it. But that's OK for now because the season is an open road we are about to get started on and for now everything is possible.

As such I thought I'd share a couple of good Saints Packers previews to get this week's posts under way.

Here’s “The Czar of the Playbook’’ Emory Hunt previewing the season opener.

Next up Brian Blessing and Kenny White share their views on the past two Super Bowl winners.

Should be great. I have the Saints by 3!

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