Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saints Need To Improve Up Front And Fast For Bears Game

Just watched the

beat the

and it's got me worried.

On Thursday night the Packers dominated us on both lines. Watching the way the

totally dominated in the trenches leaves me thinking we could be in for a long night.


O line are going to have their work cut out. Last week the holes opened for the backs were miniscule. It ain't gonna get any easier this week.

And if they are to keep

off his ass they are going to need to be on their A game or

and Co. are going to have a field day.

On the other side of the ball our front 7 brought about as much pressure as a small ant on an elephants back. Despite the new guys in the line up it was the same old story. If we can't bring more heat the secondary is just going to get picked apart.


we don't have a pass rush. All the stunts and corner blitz's in the world aren't going to carry us all the way unless the big boys up front can bring it with 4.

Best get working your asses off messers



as you're in for a big game. Start lifting the weights.

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