Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reflections on Saints Packers Game

Hmm. Some good, some bad on Thursday. Some great O, some poor D. What else is new?

I was heartened by the running game. I thought all 3 backs made important contributions.
was back to his 2009 standard after last years ankle problems. He looked sharp and full of running. I always feel so much better if he's getting a lot of the ball. Mr reliable.

also did a good job with some inside running. Whilst he was denied near the goalline he didn't really stand a chance. Payton should have gone with him again on 4th.

But the break out performance was obviously by
What an addition to the team. Reggie who? North to South running when taking a hand off, unbelievable break away speed on his returns and a go to receiver in clutch situations. Love him. What a player!

Real bad news that we've lost

for at least 4 weeks with a broken collarbone. He is key to our O. With

also struggling with a groin injury (something that only rest heals and something that's liable to recur if he's rushed back) we're going to be short for the Bears game.

That leaves us with Mr 'I can only catch 2 in 3 thrown my way'


Not something that leaves me full of confidence.

I'll follow up on my in depth analysis of the D later as its almost college football time and I need to find my wallet.

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