Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saints running game concerns

Hi All,

I've been away working for a long time but with football season fast approaching I thought it time I checked in and add my two cents to the latest Saints debates.  And the issue most concerning me (football wise) at this time is the Saints running game.

The loss of Mike Bell was distressing for me.  I thought Bell was the perfect balance in the Saints backfield last year and an unsung hero.

His short yardage running kept the Saints ticking over time and again and his combative style was an excellent compliment to the greater finesse of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas.  Add to that the fact the little guy was pretty hard for linebackers to find when he drove behind his lead blockers and his ability to lower his head and gate crash the party and you had one fine addition to the Saints roster.

So it was with some sadness that we had to let him go this past off season.  I was concerned that Lynell Hamilton would struggle to fill the role quite so adequately but in coach Payton and Mickey Loomis I figured we had two of the most astute heads in the business so was obviously going to give them the benefit of the doubt and then some.

But now we've lost Hamilton for the season with a torn ACL (get well fella) I'm concerned we could be lightweight in this department this season.

Running game key

The running game was a key reason behind last seasons success. The productive trio kept defenses on their toes and unable to key solely on Brees and the passing game. As a result we had probably the most balanced offense in Saints history and one of the finest in the League for some years.

With some doubt now hanging over that third RB spot we now have a clear weakness.

Yes I know Pierre Thomas will deliver great yards and Reggie will break some big ones but Reggie is not an every down back and PT can only do so much on his own.

Trust in Payton

That said we must always trust in coach Payton to deliver because he is an offensive genius so if any team stands a chance of unearthing a diamond from the rough it's gotta be the Saints. So as ever it is in Sean we trust. I just pray he can make something out of Chris Ivory, Ladell Betts and PJ Hill because one of them is going to need to make a name for himself this season.


  1. Oh thought you'd finally given up...glad you're back though, always need a laugh.

    Saints suck big ones, total 1 season wonders.


  2. Ah D.May, so we meet again. You truly are my Moriarty (although clearly lacking the brains of the great professor).

    So how goes it in Coltsville? You still crying about that Super Bowl result? How's the new job? Managed to turn up drunk and late yet?