Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To the Good Ship New Orleans Saints

and all who sail within her... The Falconer is alive and well.  The posts may have dried up but the fire and love for the Saints is still the same as it has always been!  So I want to say hello and send big love to the natives at this difficult time for our local fisherman.

The past year has been a roller coaster personally and Worldwide.  I am now back on my feet following the major back problems of last year and have spent the past few months working round the clock to get my business off the ground so apologies for the silence.  But when you find your back to the wall trying to earn the dollar whilst your physical health ain't great something has to give and I'm afraid it's been the blog which was such a sanctuary last year through the difficult times.

That said now, many of our brethren, are facing tough times as the BP oil washes up on the shores so it's no time to moan and instead one must put things in perspective for, whatever one's own troubles, there are always those facing greater difficulty and hardship.  As such I'm on here to wish the great and good fishing industry of our great state, and the rest of the Mexican Gulf, my best wishes for a speedy solution to the problems which are causing so much worry to so many.

May the New Orleans Saints once again win the Super Bowl next year to bring more cheer to a state who has suffered it's fair share of natural disasters now.  Enough already.

Best wishes to all


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  2. Maybe mention the fact that your joke of a team are becoming the Madrid of Football by paying the GDP of Canada to re-sign that crummy offensive lineman of yours...

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