Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chris Ivory 76 yard TD reception

Wow!  Well if ever I was needing reassurance that the Saints were going to fill the 3rd spot in the backfield with a decent runner here was the evidence courtesy of Chris Ivory and his 76 yard TD reception.

He has a decent first half and seemed to be cementing his place in the team and then came this excellent touchdown.  The guy showed great hustle, power and decent speed on what was an innocuous reception in the flat when he got the ball.  What he then did with it helps go to show that potentially we have a more than decent back to fill the void left by my old favorite Mike Bell.

Chris Ivory Highlights TD Vs San Diego Chargers

So long as we can keep Pierre Thomas healthy I will remain confident our ground game will remain the perfect counter balance to our strong arm passing attack.

Drew Brees back with a bang

It was also great to see Drew Brees commanding the troops with some real game time once again.  There are not enough superlatives to say about the guy so I won't bother.  What I will say is I love to see the guy continue to work so hard on his game despite what he has achieved.

To see him beat himself up about a missed read or a slightly miss thrown ball is to see a QB who continues to strive for perfection which must be damn inspiring for the entire team.

Soon we'll get to see it all proper come seasons kick off.  I for one cannot wait!


  1. Want to know whats better than a 76 yard touchdown receptions?
    Pierre Thomas on Minute to WIn it. All Saints fans should tune in and support our TB on Tuesday at 8 pm on NBC.
    Dont miss it

  2. Dude, I love your enthusiasm. I'm going to watch the show not only to see Pierre Thomas crush the game show like he does linebackers, but also because he's competing for a great cause and great charity. Get em Pierre! Who Dat!!

  3. Check it out!!