Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saints Vs Vikings opening day

It is almost upon us oh brethren. Yes indeed the New Orleans Saints are about to begin the defence of their Super Bowl crown right here in New Orleans and it is time to get excited.

Pretty much all the starting line up are back for another tilt at the title and all noises coming out of training camp are of a unified collective intent on Two Dat'in. Praise the Lord!

Up first are the NFC Championship game losing Minnesota Vikings... now remind me once again who beat dem? Ah yes if it ain't good ole Sean and the boys.

The Vikes will be hungry for revenge and with a D-line and the duel threat of Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre they will be tough cookies. If Williams can cook up anything like the gameplan he produced for the Championship game then we should be in business.

Last time the defensive genius sent Darren Sharper on blitz packages through the A gap unchecked to put hits on Favre boy. This time around it will be someone else hounding the NFL great. If we can once again get to the man and make him release before he's set then we stand a chance... just all shout for Hargrove to fall on that ball should you see him picking it up and running on a fumble recovery... bigman you ain't no full back but we love you just the same.

AP if you can continue turning that ball over to our D we sure would appreciate it.

On the other side of the ball Drew Brees is back to command the league like only his sheer perfectionist streak can. I'm hoping we can jump out to an early start to pile on the pressure for the road team. Let's be hoping for the same noise intensity as last time to really put the cat amongst the pigeons.

A good start to the season sure will settle nerves and give the whole league something to think about so let's pray for an all round great team display and a healthy return for number 9 in whom we all trust.

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