Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is Drew Brees God? Which Falcon Player Do You Hate The Most?

Let me start by answering the latter question first.

Is it Matt Ryan?

Sure he's ugly as sin but hey so are most folk east of the Georgia line.

Is it THE Tony Gonzalez?

He of the trumped up self agrandized opinion whence he says his name in the starting Atlanta O players on TV?

Nah he's OK, he at least is good, played most of his career at the worst team in League history and deserves some grudging recognition.

Is it thunder thighs Turner himself?

Nah, he's just damn annoyingly efficient but I don't hate him.

Nah for me, hands down, the guy I wouldn't give a nickel to if his pants were on fire and he needed a cup of waters worth to douse those flames...

Yeah you guessed it

Roddy 'Am I stupid or is it just my face' White.

Preening, prancer, useless sack of sh*t, plum. A man so pointless I'm amazed I even remember his name. Oh yeah but then he is also that guy who bad mouths, at every opportunity, the divine perfection that is the Saints. Here's a guy in fact that if you were standing next to him in a firing squad you would cry so stupid is he as he continued to bad mouth the guys holding the guns.

"ready, aim"

"yeah you still a"


Drew Brees Perfection

This coming monday night is not only a chance to make Roddy White cry unbelievable floods of tears and spend the off season looking up brains on the interent but also a chance to watch Drew Brees remorselessly, brilliantly, perfectionately (is that an ately word?) sail into the record books as clearly the greatest quarterback that ever lived surpassing even Joe 'man I hated you as a kid cause you were so goog against us' Montana. In fact Brees probably has the chance to sail into the greatest man who ever lived period record books such is his brilliance, work ethic and ability to be a bloody good bloke.

So I take it at this time to declare that from this Sunday forward every sunday from now on will be declared hail Drew Brees day, our Quarterback, our saviour, defender of ecstasy and defender of the realm of our Parish.

Drew you are quite simply THE GREATEST QB who ever played the game and I thank you for making this old fossil at least happy again despite the crappy times we live in. You are a shining light of work ethic, dignity and morality and I salute you for being a class apart.

Should you not make the Marino record for any reason know at least that you have helped people be happy every sunday for the past few years which is more than I can say ever happened for most of the previous 30.

One man, one Legend.

Now Roddy White go read up on what it is to be a man you toad.


  1. I don't particularly dislike the Falcon's players; it's the fans I loathe.

  2. Yeah me too... well and Roddy White! Did I mention I don't like him?