Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mark Ingram Set Up Foundation For Kids

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram is making solid use of his reputation by starting a foundation aiming to help children.

Also worth checking out this NFL Network debate regarding who is really the best quarterback out there. Still feel I'd go with Drew Brees everytime. I know I'm biased but the guy remains my all time hero and the guy I'd back every single time!


  1. Even though I am an Auburn alumni who generally can't stand much of anything 'Bama related, I do appreciate the fine qualities of Mark Ingram.

  2. Indeed Saintseester, I think he could well turn out to be a heck of a Saints player. I hate to heap pressure on people too early or build them up but if he, at the least, becomes the kind of back who can grind out reliable 1st downs on 2nd and 3rd middle yardage he could be a brilliant addition to the team.

    How's all with your clan Saintseester?