Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breakdown of the Saints Undrafted Free Agent 2011 Class

Great article over on Nola about the 20 undrafted free agents linking up with the Saints. Given Coach Paytons ability to find some diamonds in the rough this list makes for interesting reading.

On a separate but ridiculously brilliant note I am beyond happy that the Saints signed up Lance Moore for another 5 years. Not only is he a selfless team player but he's one of the most underrated receivers in the league, a reliable clutch go to guy for Brees and an all round contributer to the team ethic.

Less happy but not surprised that luxury of luxuries Reggie Bush is off to the Dolphins. I was always a fan of Reggies but even I can't ignore the production output when set against the cost of his contract.

It's the least surprising deal of the summer in many ways but good luck to him. With Mark Ingram in town along with Pierre 'Quality' Thomas and Chris 'Going Places' Ivory I have no worries that we'll cope.

Still we'll miss some of these moments.

Slightly more concerned about the site of Remi Ayodele packing his bags to the Vikings. He's a decent fill in the front 7 so I hope the back office know what they're doing on this one. Obviously we can't keep everyone but I'm still concerned about that under belly of our D.

Eyes to Twitter folks as no doubt more every minute!

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